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Hello! My name is Josh Wiggs. I am a software developer at State Farm Insurance. In my free time I enjoy helping people tell their stories through web design. Check out the rest of my site to learn more!


Here are a few different projects I have worked on recently. Click on the thumbnails to learn more about them.

It is the mission of Hope Partners Africa to provide essential psycho-social and medical services to East African populations in severe need. It was really fun working with HPA on this project, and I am honored I had the opportunity to play a small role in making their vision known.

Robbie Osenga created a process called Clarity in Calling in order to help individuals and groups find the need in the world they are best suited to meet. This site gives users a sneak peak into his process and allows them to get in touch with him. If you would like to check out his website follow the link!

This site was designed to house resources for the Faith & Work Young Adult Initiative at Eastview Christian Church. It contains a podcast, blog, resource library, and event registration, as well as many other features. Follow the link to see more about this website!

from start to support

graphic Design

I will work with you individually to construct a blueprint for your website that translates your story into an exceptional experience for your audience. Only once we feel that your site is ready to fulfill its purpose will we move on to development.

web development

I will take that prototype and turn it into a fully responsive site that functions on all modern browsers. Once we deploy your product I will help you maintain your site and resolve any issues we may have overlooked during our thorough testing.

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