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The first step in our process is simply to meet up! We will grab coffee, call, chat over Skype or whatever your preferred method of communication is, and lay down the initial ground work for your new website such as determining your timeline, budget, business need, target audience, and design preferences. All of this comes to you free of charge, and will help me to build a firm foundation to help you create a sucessful website.



Initial Design

Based on your feedback from our initial consultation, I will mock up some basic wireframes and design elements such as the color palette, buttons, forms, and fonts, as well as gather any assets such as images and logos that you would like to integrate into the final product. My hope that you will like what you see, and we will begin writing up a contract so that we can get started on the real work!



Final Design

Assuming we have our contract all squared away and are ready to move on to the fun stuff, I will combine your assets with the wireframes and any tweaks from the Initial Design meeting and produce a working prototype of your site. If everything goes smoothly here we will move right on to development and start tying up any loose ends before launching the next big thing.




No more mock ups or prototypes! Here we will finally integrate all of your content into a fully functioning webpage. This step is also where we can work on improving SEO (search engine optimation) if needed, and get you familiar with the CMS so that you can keep your site up to date and at the top of Google's search results.




It's time to celebrate! You have sucessfully launched a new and/or improved responsive website! Spread the news and start attracting new customers!



Hosting and Maintenance

Lucky for you, I host your website on Webflow, a web design tool that will give you the ability to maintain the site yourself so that you never have to worry about your site being lost in time. However, if you do have any questions or issues with your site I will always be just a call, email or whatever else away.

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